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CompTIA 220-1101 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario, set up and configure accessories and of mobile devices
  • Given a scenario, install and replace printer consumables
Topic 2
  • Summarize aspects of client-side virtualization
  • Given a scenario, install the appropriate RAM
  • Summarize cloud-computing concepts
Topic 3
  • Summarize services provided by networked hosts
  • Compare and contrast common networking hardware
Topic 4
  • Given a scenario, select and install storage devices
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot and diagnose problems with storage drives and RAID arrays
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario, deploy and configure multifunction devices
  • printers and settings
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU, and power
Topic 6
  • Compare and contrast protocols for wireless networking
  • Given a scenario, install and configure laptop hardware and components
Topic 7
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot problems with wired and wireless networks
  • Explain basic cable types and their connectors, features, and purposes
Topic 8
  • Compare and contrast Internet connection types, network types, and their features
  • Compare and contrast the display components of mobile devices
Topic 9
  • Compare and contrast common network configuration concepts
  • Given a scenario, apply the best practice methodology to resolve problems
Topic 10
  • Given a scenario, install and configure basic wired
  • wireless small office
  • home office (SOHO) networks
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot and resolve printer issues
Topic 11
  • Given a scenario, configure basic mobile-device network connectivity and application support
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common issues with mobile devices

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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1 Sample Questions (Q10-Q15):


A system administrator has been tasked with allowing SMTP traffic through the system's host-based firewall. Which of the following ports should the administrator enabled?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: B


A technician is adding one more line at the demarcation point. Which of the following tools would be MOST useful to accomplish this task?

  • A. Network tap
  • B. Toner
  • C. Punchdown
  • D. Crimper

Answer: C


Punchdown tools are used to make connections between wires in a 66/110 block at the demarcation point. The tool is used to insert the wire into the appropriate holes in the block, and it can be used to add additional lines to the demarcation point. The other options are not the correct tools for adding lines to the demarcation point. A toner is used to identify cable pairs, a network tap is used to monitor network traffic, and a crimper is used to terminate cables.


While using a popular videoconferencing program, the user selects a webcam, but the software is unable to open the webcam. The webcam was working the previous day. Which of the following should be done to address this issue?

  • A. Switch the video from the webcam to "conference" mode.
  • B. Close other video software and retry.
  • C. Reseat or replace the webcam.
  • D. Adjust the conference software to a compatible resolution.

Answer: A


A Microsoft Windows user is preparing to work in another country and needs to comply with corporate policy for data protection when copying files to portable media. Which of the following solutions would MOST likely satisfy this requirement?

  • A. An xD memory card with ext3
  • B. An SD memory card with NTFS
  • C. A portable hard drive with FAT32
  • D. A USB 3.1 flash drive with BitLocker to Go installed

Answer: D


A user is unable to access the internet on a PC. A technician examines the PC and runs the following commands:

Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting process does this series of commands represent?

  • A. Establish a plan of action.
  • B. Verify full system functionality.
  • C. Identify the problem.
  • D. Establish a theory.

Answer: B



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