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Salesforce OMS-435 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Learn How OmniStudio uses Salesforce sObjects and Fields
  • Design and Build Simple and Complex OmniScripts
Topic 2
  • Test and Troubleshoot Components in the OmniStudio Interaction Console
  • Configure FlexCard Flyouts to Display Additional Data
Topic 3
  • Learn How Data Flows Between OmniScripts and Integration Procedures
  • Configure Conditions to Display Different Flexcard States
Topic 4
  • Integration Procedures and OmniStudio Data Tools
  • Explore OmniStudio Tools and Resources
Topic 5
  • Use a DataRaptor to Transform FlexCard Data JSONs
  • Design and Build Parent and Child FlexCards
Topic 6
  • Configure Fields to Display Data and Configure Actions to Launch OmniScripts from FlexCards
  • Configure OmniScript Elements such as Type Ahead Blocks
Topic 7
  • Build Calculation Matrices and Procedures
  • Build an OmniStudio Interaction Console
Topic 8
  • Connect an Interaction Launcher to a Console Toolbar
  • FlexCards and Omnistudio Interaction Consoles
Topic 9
  • Build Integration Procedures and DataRaptors for OmniScripts and FlexCards
  • Assign Data Sources to FlexCards, Including External Data Sources

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Salesforce Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio Sample Questions (Q13-Q18):


A developer builds a new OmniScript. It contains a Set Values element with a ContextId key/value pair that was used during testing.

What should the developer do before moving the OmniScript to a production org?

  • A. Update the ContextId value to specify an id from the Production org.
  • B. Deactivate the contextId key/value pair
  • C. Add a Show/Hide condition on the Set Values element.
  • D. Delete or Deactivate the Set Values element.

Answer: D


What OmniStudio tool pre-populates the data m a PDF used by an OmniScript?

  • A. A DataRaptor Transform
  • B. A DataRaptor Load
  • C. A SOQL Query
  • D. A DataRaptor Extract

Answer: A


A developer writes an OmniScript that includes a DataRaptor that updates the Account statue based on information provided from the OmniScript. The information must be updated only if the Account record already exists. Otherwise, a new account must be created.

How should the developer accomplish this task?

  • A. Populate the Lookup object and Lookup fields
  • B. Check the Upset key and is required for Upsert checkboxes on the Account id field
  • C. Check the Upsert key checkbox on the Account Status field
  • D. Check Overwrite Target for all Null input checkbox on the Account id field

Answer: B


The OmniScript must retrieve device details stored in the Asset object and then call an external system to send troubleshooting commands via REST API to the device.

Which two OmniScript element should the developer use to configure this functionality?

  • A. HTTP Action
  • B. SOQL Action
  • C. Navigation Action
  • D. DataRaptor Extract Action
  • E. REST API Action

Answer: A,D


An OmniScript updates data from one Salesforce record, but when it completes, only some of the data is updated in Salesforce. A DataRaptor Load saves the dat a. What error could cause this behavior?

Choose 2 answers

  • A. The fields that are not updated are read only in Salesforce.
  • B. In the DataRaptor Load, in the Preview tab, the Record is from the wrong record type.
  • C. The input JSON paths In the DataRaptor Load do not match the JSON from the OmniScript.
  • D. ContextId is misspelled in the merge code that passes the Recordld to the DataRaptor

Answer: A,C



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