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IBM S1000-007 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Troubleshoot the file system
  • Manage devices and attributes
  • Manage basic system security
Topic 2
  • Explain the difference between logical, physical and virtual CPU
  • Document the systems configuration
Topic 3
  • Expand and monitor usage of the paging space
  • Define the process lifecycle and priorities
Topic 4
  • Manage root volume group specific tasks
  • Create and verify a system backup using mksysb, volume group backups with savevg
Topic 5
  • Use diag for basic troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Scheduling execution of commands using cron, at, batch
Topic 6
  • Manage hosts and name resolution order
  • Manage file backups and file archives
Topic 7
  • Define basic IO performance concepts
  • Manage open source packages with rpm
Topic 8
  • Manage services using System Resource Controller (SRC)
  • Define AIX management tools including SMIT

IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Sample Questions (Q13-Q18):


A system administrator includes the values RES TIMEOUT=1 and RES_RETRY=1 in the /etc/environment file. What is the effect of this change?

  • A. It avoids NFS mounts appearing to be hung or stalled indefinitely when there are network outages.
  • B. It reduces the failover time to the secondary name server when the first name server is not reachable.
  • C. It reduces the failover time to the secondary NTP Server when the first NTP Server is unavailable.
  • D. It causes ssh connections to disconnect after 1 minute of no activity.

Answer: A


What is a benefit of using mksysb to backup a system?

  • A. The image contains a backup of all file systems.
  • B. The image can be used to restore the rootvg volume group of the system.
  • C. The image contains a backup of all application and user data.
  • D. The image contains a backup of all volume groups and logical volumes.

Answer: C


Which command should be used to perform a graceful shutdown and reboot of an AIX LPAR?

  • A. shutdown
  • B. halt
  • C. reboot
  • D. bosboot

Answer: A


The shutdown command is used to shut down a system in an orderly manner. When used with the '-Fr' option, it will perform a graceful shutdown and reboot of the LPAR. This command is available on IBM AIX v7 systems and is documented in the IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide. The syntax for the command is "shutdown -Fr", where the '-F' option indicates that the system should be rebooted after shutdown and the '-r' option indicates that the system should be rebooted. For more information, please see the IBM documentation at


How are console log messages recorded by AIX?

  • A. errdemon
  • B. rsyslog
  • C. alog
  • D. syslog

Answer: D


AIX provides the syslog service to record console log messages. The syslog service is used to control the logging of system messages and can be used to record and store the log messages in different formats. The syslog service is enabled through the use of the alog and errdemon commands. The alog command is used to view the log messages that are stored in the /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log file, while the errdemon command is used to control the logging of system messages. Reference: IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide.


Which command will show when a file was last accessed?

  • A. fsdb file
  • B. who -f file
  • C. istat file
  • D. Is -1 file

Answer: C



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